Pssst…(Santa Letter)

Are you struggling with what to ask Santa for Christmas? Trying to find a way to “hint” about a retreat?? Well… look no further! Print out the letter (below) and tape it to his mirror, his steering wheel, his shoes… wherever he’ll find it! This year’s Christmas is going to ROCK!!

(To print: Click on the image above. From new page, select file from the top menu and then select print.)


  1. Joanna Battjes says

    I’m 🤔 ng of coming down from B.C. Canada for your creative escape! Are you almost full? I have another engagement on that date, but I am trying to rearrange it.

    • We aren’t full… yet… But we’d love to have you join us!! You may want to hurry and register though, because spots are filling rather quickly… 🙂

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