FALL 2019 – READ THIS!!!

For those of you who plan to join us for our next retreat (September 2019) please be sure to read the following:

  • There are TWO things that you have to pay for separately: 1) Room  2) Retreat fee
  • Rooms are figured by how many people can sleep in that room within a bed. Rooms with bathrooms attached are $135 per person, rooms with shared bathrooms are $125 per person. Bunks fall under the “shared” bathrooms.
  • All rooms need to be paid in full by 7/31/2019. If they aren’t paid in full, we will offer them to the next on the list…
  • The retreat fee ($145 per person) is in addition to the room. This covers all of your food, drinks, snacks, goodie bags, crafting space, etc.
  • Retreat fee is due in full by 8/30/2019. No exceptions.
  • All the deposits (if applicable) are non-refundable.
  • We suggest you make your room reservation a priority!! Book your room first, then worry about the retreat fee. Because, when the rooms are gone… they’re gone!


  1. kkwyatt51 says

    Heather Madsen and I each paid $40 for room reservations. What is the balance due and how do we get to the place where we pay?

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