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Pssst…(Santa Letter)

Are you struggling with what to ask Santa for Christmas? Trying to find a way to “hint” about a retreat?? Well… look no further! Print out the letter (below) and tape it to his mirror, his steering wheel, his shoes… wherever he’ll find it! This year’s Christmas is going to ROCK!!

(To print: Click on the image above. From new page, select file from the top menu and then select print.)

UPDATE – New dates!!

It’s getting hot in here… and at the ranch!! (Well, at least on the roads TO the ranch.)

Because of this, we’ve had to move our retreat to October 18-21. We understand that some people cannot make this work, and we will do everything we can to make it right. For those that can still make it, we promise to make it memorable!!

Due to the cancellation of some reservations, we have spots available. Check out our room availability here. And purchase your retreat fee here!

What to Bring?

How many times have you prepped all week for your crop, only to find that you’ve forgotten your….photos? Scissors? Laptop? Sweater??

Here’s a list to help you try to remember everything. We’ve probably forgotten something, but hey… it’s a start!

Retreat Packing List

Happy Crafting!


Fall 2018 – Updates!

It’s almost time, and we are getting EXCITED!!

We just wanted to give a quick reminder that you MUST pay for your retreat and room BEFORE you can attend. Double check that you’ve actually booked both your retreat AND your room/bed. If you haven’t… GIT R DONE!

Many of you are worried about the fire, and how it will impact our stay. We are keeping a close eye on the fire, as well as contact with the caretakers of the ranch. As of today (Saturday 9/15) everything is still scheduled as planned. If things change, we will contact you immediately.

Until then… start packing! We’ve got lots of scrapbooking to do!

Fall Retreat Info (please read…)


For those of you who plan to join us for our next retreat (September 2018) please be sure to read the following:

  • There are TWO things that you have to pay for separately: 1) Room  2) Retreat fee
  • Rooms are figured by how many people can sleep in that room within a bed. Rooms with bathrooms attached are $135 per person, rooms with shared bathrooms are $125 per person. Bunks fall under the “shared” bathrooms.
  • All rooms need to be paid in full by 7/31/2018. If they aren’t paid in full, we will offer them to the next on the list…
  • The retreat fee ($135 per person) is in addition to the room. This covers all of your food, drinks, snacks, goodie bags, crafting space, etc.
  • Retreat fee is due in full by 8/30/2018. No exceptions.
  • All the deposits (if applicable) are non-refundable.
  • We suggest you make your room reservation a priority!! Book your room first, then worry about the retreat fee. Because, when the rooms are gone… they’re gone!


WHAT?!?! We’ve sold out…?

Maybe you got busy. Maybe you had to wait for payday. Maybe you just forgot…

Image result for sold out

Whatever the reason, you’ve missed your chance. (And it sucks!!) But don’t lose all hope, we’ll be hosting another retreat in the fall. We’re also taking names for our “wait list” in case someone can’t make it. Call the store (801-233-9028) to add your name.

Be sure to check back in April-May for the fall retreat registration.

Spring will be here before you know it…

We’re already starting on our next retreat…  This one is local (meaning, it’s in Sandy, Utah) and is the perfect crafting weekend. We’ll begin March 23rd, and end March 25th. Want more details? Check out all the info on our site, or give us a call. We can’t wait to see you!!

Ready to register? Click {here}. And don’t forget to book your room, {here}.


Ten Weeks!! (And counting down…)

The countdown has begun. We’re coming up to ten weeks until our event, and it’s time to get serious…  Seriously excited!!

Here’s your checklist of things to do to get ready:

  1. Register for the event {here}.
  2. Reserve a room{here}.
  3. Start planning your classes and events {here}.
  4. Learn what to pack for a retreat {here}.
  5. Follow the driving directions {here}.

What to take for an overnight retreat…